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Setya’s Shame : The Guilty Verdict That Wasn’t.

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Setya’s Shame : The Guilty Verdict That Wasn’t.
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  • Edition18/16
  • Edition Date2015-12-27
  • RubricFull Edition
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    National New KPK Leaders; In Memoriam Benedict Anderson, 1936-2015
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Setya’s Shame
The maneuverings of DPR Speaker Setya Novanto to absolve his guilt at the DPR ethics council ended in total failure. Just minutes before the council read out the sanctions against him, he submitted his resignation as speaker of the DPR. Why did his own Golkar and other supporting parties made a dramatic about-turn, leaving him in the lurch? 
In Memoriam Benedict Anderson, 1936-2015
American scholar Benedict Anderson, an Indonesianist from Cornell University, passed away last week in the country he grew to love. Tempo retraces his work on Indonesia and his iconic study on the cathartic events of 1965, better known as the Cornell Paper. Even though he was banned from entering Indonesia for 27 years as a result, Anderson never wavered in his interest in Indonesia. 
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