Key Witness

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The true story of the hunt for Vincent, the whistleblower in the Asian Agri Group tax case

Key Witness tells of the many struggles surrounding the disclosure of the Asian Agri tax case. Metta’s hand phone was tapped. Tempo, which published investigative reports on the case, was taken to court. Vincent was sentenced to 11 years in prison for money laundering – a crime he had not committed. It took the tax authorities several years to get the case tried; finally the Supreme Court sentenced Asian Agri to pay a fine of Rp 2.5 trillion (around US$ 227 million), the largest ever in this country.

“That Sukanto Tanoto has now been challenged, that Vincent has been freed, and that Metta was able to publish this book – all this suggests that hope does not always go unfulfilled.”

Cultural figure, essayist, founder of Tempo magazine

“A significant piece of narrative non-fiction that is likely to endure long after the specifics of Indonesia’s biggest tax scandal have entered the history books.”

Associate Professor, School of Media and Public Affairs George Washington University

“Key Witness takes citizens, journalists and students beyond the black and white world of textbook journalism into the real world of investigative reporting and its ethical dilemmas.

Professor and journalist with the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, University of Technology, Sydney; Journalist and media researcher


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